Maybe this is why no one is hiring our elitist asses

"So what's your SAT score?"

"So...what's your SAT score?"

The New York Times ran a groundbreaking feature yesterday that goes something like this: because four years at an Ivy League institution is not enough time to find the perfect life mate,  a networking group has been created to give you a second chance at prestigious love.

Now let it be said that name-dropping Foucault while drunk is practically etched in Latin on our diplomas.  And who hasn’t tried to come on to someone with a slurred reference to Keates?

Jennifer Wilde Anderson clearly tapped into something special when she founded Ivy Plus so that alums can mingle at cocktail soirees – in which “75 percent of attendees are single.”

While this may sound like every mother’s greatest dream, no one is checking transcripts. Other well-regarded institutions, like Stanford, Duke, MIT, are welcome too because they have “a ‘natural affiliation’ with the Ivies” – hence the Plus in the title.

“If you wanted to describe these schools, these are all highly selective, academically rigorous institutions,” Anderson told the NYT.

Of course. Because, after all, who would ever want to mate with anyone but a highly selective and academically rigorous human being? [Shudder].


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