“You need to stop eating pasta.”

My lovely mom and grandmother.

The empty plates here are symbolic.

– my mother, fearing my impending weight gain as a result of not being able to afford low-carb alternatives.

Do you hear that, economy? Stop making me fat!


9 thoughts on ““You need to stop eating pasta.”

  1. Great blog idea! I thought about starting a similar one, but related to crappy jobs in general . . . a little broader. I’m really glad you started this blog. Thanks so much. Again, I am the Promotional Writer and Dir. of Social Media Marketing for the Forgive Student Loan Debt Movement. Some of your readers may be interested in this 501(c)(4).

  2. I am in the same boat. Pasta has become the cheapest meal I can make and still be able to buy at least a can of veg…forget the fresh stuff and meat? Well, my paycheck – or what’s left after student loans, won’t let me buy meat. Love the blog!

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