What to say to your high school teachers who had so much promise for you


If the poor kids in this fictional cast of Glee knew what they were up against in the "real world," maybe they wouldn't be singing so happily all the damn time.

Last week, my high school bio teacher and I reconnected on Facebook. With her JewFro and dirty jokes, this woman was the highlight of most of my tween days.  Reconnecting with her, however, has led to some uncomfortable finagling. In our inevitable Facebook correspondence comes the usual nightmare: “What are you up to?”

How do you tell the person who wrote your college recs promising your neverending success that, um, you’re actually kind of a failure and sort of unemployed right now? That despite your straight A’s and years of internships, you are a few months’ rent away from being your roommate’s house servant?

I was still deciding between euphemism 1 (exploring my varied career interests) or euphemism 2 (finding myself), when I mentioned this blog.

Now if only I had a paycheck to validate my self-worth…


3 thoughts on “What to say to your high school teachers who had so much promise for you

  1. Not an Ivy-Leaguer myself, but here’s my advice: avoid contacts with past teachers and professors. That way you don’t have to explain why you’re a miserable failure. It’s what I do, and it works for me.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, the entire third world is made up of a bunch of illiterate and scrawny malnourished losers that bathe(when they do at all) in their own excrement.

    Don’t bother worrying about your future. In 40 years, the US will either A) be a third world country or B) be ruled by China.

    On the bright side, when you’re dead in 100 years, none of this will matter anyway.

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