Hire My Friend: the sociology major who dreams of becoming Ari Gold


She has not yet developed a dangerous addiction to sushi.

Name: Amari

Major: Sociology

What I would’ve majored in 4 years ago had I known the economy was going to hell: Engineering… with a minor in “How to find social value in an i-banking job so you can make some mo-nay”

Why I decided to waste $160K $200K on an Ivy League education: Because I didn’t… My grants and scholarships did. ZING!

Current City of Residence: Yonkers, NY

Ideal City of Residence: Manhattan, NY… with the weather of Los Angeles, LA

Current job: Counter worker at Balthazar Bakery in SoHo.

Dream job: Ari Gold, minus the insensitivity and propensity to exercise his healthy lungs. And his love-fake-hate relationship with Asians and the gay community.

Resume claim to fame: Working amongst the publicists of too many Oscar winning actors and popular culture icons to count.

Greatest achievement I don’t like to talk about on interviews: I won $50,000 on an academic Apprentice-style reality show (it was much nicer, don’t worry) when I was 17.

If you would like to hire Amari, send us a pleading email.
If you would like to be featured in the weekly Hire My Friend column or know someone who would, holla.

2 thoughts on “Hire My Friend: the sociology major who dreams of becoming Ari Gold

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