WSJ reports that, basically, working women are taking over the world


Yes we can! And...yes we kinda have to.

In what sounds like an obvious consequence of the recession, poor housewives have been forced to snap off their aprons and don those working girl blazers. But as Kelly Evans reports, “the composition of the nation’s work force is approaching an unprecedented benchmark.” And the statistics speak for themselves:

Due in part to deep layoffs of men, women are poised to become the majority of workers for the first time. As of September, women held 49.9% of the nation’s jobs, excluding farm workers and the self-employed, a rise of 1.2 percentage points from their 48.7% share when the recession began in December 2007. In 1970, women held 35% of jobs.

Deep cuts in male-heavy sectors like construction and manufacturing have left unemployment for men age 16 and over at 11.4% as of October — a quarter-century high. Joblessness among women is lower, at 8.8%, as employment in female-heavy sectors like education and health care has remained steadier.

Since the recession began, the number of women age 16 and over in the labor force — which includes both the employed and those who are looking for work — has expanded by 300,000 to 71.7 million. Meanwhile, the number of men working or seeking work has dropped by 123,000 to 82.28 million, according to the Department of Labor.

Woot! Grrlz rule! But of course, here’s the kicker.

Despite households’ increasing reliance on the female paycheck, women still earn markedly less than men. […] The median earnings of full-time working women in 2008, the first year of the recession, fell by 1.9% to $35,745, while earnings for men declined 1% to $46,367, according to the Commerce Department.

Don’t you feel proud to be an American, ladies? Let’s just hope these jobs come with health insurance.

3 thoughts on “WSJ reports that, basically, working women are taking over the world

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  3. Soon enough you will learn working you life away for the sake of some owner or shareholder’s gain is no real measure of success. Many women sacrifice their own self and the calling of nature to satisfy an artificially created illusion of success. Men have mostly been miserable working slave hours; what makes you think women will be any different? Collaboration between men and women is what can rescue society from this horrid turn for the worst.

    There is a risk that males might tap into the violent energy that is part of their genes, and I say this hoping to God it will never happen. If you think female domination is possible then think men might rebel in ways that are truly dangerous. In Latin America, for instance, where women have predominantly been sole providers for much of last century, males go off to the streets and tote their guns and get killed or kill. The one thing they don’t do is respect female rights or even feel they have any obligation to protect them. A surge in domestic violence is one of the byproducts of a society where men are told they are useless.

    You can, and probably will, use my comments to point out that men are so inferior they cannot deal with their emotions and resort to violence. Exactly! Do you ever consider what will happen rather than what should happen? Or are you one of those people content with ranting about platonic ideals, convinced that the world owes you that a given ideal be met. Sure, women deserve more. We agree. Is your aspiration plausible in the real world without negative side effects? I think not.

    What you’ll get is societies where women do everything and men are off the hook entirely. Their reasoning is as follows: why should I contribute? If she thinks herself so much better the let her do everything alone. Why should I try to follow the rules of someone who thinks of me as an inferior stupid primate? Let her build, pay, and clean that expensive home and lifestyle she so desperately needs to be happy. And by the way, do you plan to have the police force and the military taken over as well? Is your idea of the future one that contemplates control over violent coercion mechanisms?

    Your world view stems from an order where the security of families is a given, just like the groceries are set (neatly packaged) for you to go buy at the supermarket, and where the courts actually prosecute violence against women. That is you Achilles’ heel. So if your ideology is geared toward attaining true domination I suggest you begin to plan for either a violent showdown with or a no show by men. Violent or absent: think about it.

    In my case I am perfectly content with women being leaders, and have no qualms with my wife earning more than me, having more common sense than me, or even being more recognized than me. I love her so power struggles are not part of the equation. We are a team. Nor do I resent her for being smarter than me. If God gives me the chance to get a great job and that makes her happy, that makes me happy. The reason is simple: I feel valued and respected, not shunned or ridiculed. In me she has a man who will fight for her and will never let her down. Now if she were using your rhetoric I wouldn’t move a finger. Treat me with respect and you’ll get respect.

    I think you are a good writer. Good luck on quenching that gender oriented existential angst. Only seek help from women.

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