Thanks to rising unemployment, Obama’s numbers aren’t looking too good

Something tells us that face won't look so smug in 2010.

The NYT reports that two new polls showed that President Obama’s approval rating had dipped below 50 percent for the first time.

Polls by Gallup and Quinnipiac University at the end of last week showed that Mr. Obama’s job approval rating had dropped below 50 percent, though not by much: it was 49 percent in the Gallup poll and 48 percent in the Quinnipiac poll.

Mr. Obama’s poll numbers reflect an array of challenges that have combined to create a sour climate for him. The unemployment rate has jumped above 10 percent and shows no sign of declining. At this point, even if Mr. Obama cannot be blamed for causing the economic decline, Americans seem increasingly impatient with him to fix it.

In fact, many of his biggest supporters are now writing scathing editorials against him. Arianna Huffington raises the question: will unemployment be Barack Obama’s Katrina?

Just as Katrina exposed critical weaknesses in the priorities and competence of the Bush administration, the unfolding unemployment disaster is threatening to do the same for the Obama White House.

Though to be fair, she lays it financial advisors Geithner and Summers as well.

Even 10.2 percent, the highest level in 26 years, after 22 straight months of job losses, doesn’t seem to have quickened the pulse of Larry Summers and Tim Geithner. […]But even if it hasn’t hit home for them, it should be clear that unemployment is going to be the singular issue of 2010. […] At this point you have to wonder what Obama’s attachment to Summers and Geithner is. We know if you become a target of Glenn Beck and cause five seconds of embarrassment to the administration you need to start updating your resume (ask Van Jones, Greg Craig, and Anita Dunn), but if you slowly bring down the administration, and the party, and the country, that’s apparently fine.

But besides the millions of unemployed, there will be another victim: the Democratic Party.

As Adam Nagourney writes in the Times: “For the past 50 years, almost without exception, the party loses seats in November when its president’s average approval rating in September and October drops below 50 percent.”


15 thoughts on “Thanks to rising unemployment, Obama’s numbers aren’t looking too good

  1. If this administration doesn’t deal with the crippled unemployment problem AND the student lending crisis (those two things together are disastrous – like a two-headed monster), he WILL lose the next term. I hear from hundreds of people every day who are fearful of going into default of already have . . . most of them are either unemployed or severely underemployed. They are feeling betrayed and angry, and I know that many of them supported him as a candidate. That does not bode well for the President. In my humble opinion, he needs to FIRE Geithner and Summers immediately. They were horrible picks. As a President, Obama seems sorely out of touch with people like that on his team.

    • Wow, I get that everyone’s elnettid to their own opinion, there’s just so much I disagree with in this. First, so only international relations / IB / language majors can benefit from study abroad? Wrong. Just, wrong. Friends forgetting you? Would you really want friends like that then? Take a few electives outside your major or get a sweet internship yeah, that’s the same as study abroad.You make it sound like study abroad lasts for your entire college career. It’s one semester, maybe a year (at the MOST! there are even shorter programs) of your life. Yes, it looks great on a resume. Yes, it makes for great fodder during interviews. But it’s so much more than that, if you allow it to be. And that seems to be where you don’t make the connection people can’t just hand you a good study abroad experience on a silver platter. You have to work at it a little bit. All this article succeeds in doing is promoting a complacent, privileged, elnettid attitude, and devaluing an experience like this. Way to go.Ridiculous views aside, this article isn’t even written well. No offense (which I guess what people usually say when they’re about to offend someone), but I hope you do a bit more research before writing an article again, or you probably shouldn’t bother. Or better still just call a spade a spade and label it with a big fat OPINION across the top so impressionable college freshmen who stumble across this via Google don’t think it’s fact and get deterred from challenging themselves with a great experience like studying abroad.

  2. Whoops – I meant “crippling.” One last thing – Summers ran Harvard into the ground (see the article in VF called “Rich Harvard/Poor Harvard? It was a scathing critique of the time Summers was there as president).

  3. I love how surprised everyone seems that Obama’s administration is failing. Let me break that down even further, I low how surprised Liberals, Democrats, and those who voted for Obama are scratching their head wondering why the Messiah has yet to fix anything.

    People thought that Obama was going to make everything better, over night and he’s not that good. He never will be. He has broken down a barrier when it comes to race and that’s about all I expect from the Obama administration. It likes living with Jimmy Carter all over again.

    Have Patience that “Hope” and “Change” Will Occur

  4. Hey, Mr. Slinkard, thanks for being so presumptuous. How on earth do you know I’m a “liberal?” I actually find that offensive, because I’m a socialist. Obama is FAR from being that. So there . . . Get your politics straight.

  5. Thank you for assuming I was targeting you out. This might leave you in shock and dismay you might be disappointed that I was making a blanket statement. Socialist, eh? When has the socialist system ever worked? Can you name one, just one, and been able to sustain itself into prosperity? Gilligan’s island does not count.

  6. The main problem people have with socialism in this article is human rights abuses. Can we say our own country is free of this? Our own so called democratic country? We live in a country that admits employment discrimination based on sex, religion, or race still happens, even though we have obviously made that illegal? How about all of the people who are starving to death in this country, or the fact that most of those starving are children? When is the last time you tried living off of minimum wage? It’s impossible. How is that NOT a human rights abuse? Oh and don’t forget the lending companies, and the credit card companies, and the insurance companies that are draining us, and using us up. Or the fact that our very government supports China, and all their lovely human rights abuses. Not to mention WWII when we illegally, and unconstitutionally imprisoned Japanese Americans, just because they were Japanese. Have you seen the concentration camps that were held on our very own soil? How about Guantanamo? People are such hypocrites. I bet you were thinking I was against socialism. Gotcha.

  7. In 1970 Sweden had the fourth-highest per-capita income in the world, according to OECD statistics. But at this stage the Social Democrats began to radicalize, with coffers filled by big business and heads filled with ideas from an international leftist trend.

    Social assistance was expanded and the labor market became heavily regulated. Public spending almost doubled between 1960 and 1980, rising from 31 percent to 60 percent of GDP. By 2000, Sweden had fallen to 14th in the OECD’s ranking of per-capita income. If Sweden were a state in the United States, it would now be the fifth poorest.

    As for Norway, they use a smaller percentage of its income on its armed forces, and can thus afford a public health service etc. The US spends 4% GDP for military, Norway 1.9%. The difference is not even enough to finance Medicare in the US. This Difference does not include

    – the costs of OIF and OEF
    – the costs of the CIA, FBI, DHS and all the other public goods we call “national defense” or “security” or “intelligence”.

    It’s the government’s job to provide public goods. It is when government provides private goods that it can be called “socialist.”

  8. I apologize if I seemed insulting. It wasn’t my intention. I am just used to being insulted for my views. I beg your pardon.
    I also noted something rather interesting in your quote.

    “In 1970 Sweden had the fourth-highest per-capita income in the world, according to OECD statistics. But at this stage the Social Democrats began to radicalize, with coffers filled by big business and heads filled with ideas from an international leftist trend.”

    Remind you of our country? It did me.

  9. Oh wait I missed the sarcasm. Now I see the reference to Gilligan’s Island. Forgive me Cryn. It’s almost 1am here maybe I should leave the deep politics for when I am awake lol.

  10. Oh, I am not the smartest person in the world, but I do know one thing, when the economy fails, our beloved government will turn its resources from protecting us into policing us, thereby becoming more fascist, and much less democratic. It’s already happening. (And it has already happened in the past, as per the Japanese concentration camps of WWII.) As of 2008 approximately 2,310,984 prisoners were held in federal or state prisons or in local jails. That is disturbing. I live down the road from the state prison, and they can’t make more room fast enough to keep people in prison. My husband is a defense attorney, and has caught the police in several situations where they appeared to be lying. In fact my husband told me that he was threatened by a police officer IN FRONT of a state attorney. Said police officer said he would put cocaine in my husband’s car if he didn’t back down from his attacks on the police force. My husband can’t say a thing because the state attorney acted as if he didn’t hear anything, so he has no witnesses. Let me tell you, I am afraid for my husband. If you think our system doesn’t have its own share of problems, then you obviously don’t have all the facts. Here is an article that I read: If anyone can find the newest numbers I’d appreciate it. I’d like to see if my theory is holding true. I could be wrong who knows. God I hope so.

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