Shamed bankers turn to illicit affairs to get their groove back

Maybe they just got confused because money is involved in both transactions.

As if cheating the citizens wasn’t bad enough, London Reuters reports that disgraced financiers are turning to another crime to help regain whatever wasn’t lost of their dignity. said it has seen a huge increase in the number of financial workers signing up to have affairs after the collapse of the markets in October last year, and that “finance” continued to be one of the most represented professional areas on the site.

The website said in a statement that it has over 380,000 members across Britain of which more than 20,000 work in “financial services” and said it surveyed over 600 men and women bankers to compile a top 10 list of reasons why they embarked on extra-marital affairs.

Of course, the reasons for their improper behavior are pretty much the same as what led to the irresponsible mishandling of money in the first place: unchecked pride, raging testosterone, and childish bragging rights.

The list shows that public revulsion for bankers combined with a lack of affection in private was the top reason for having an affair, followed closely by the excitement of doing something risky, escaping boredom, feeding the ego and one-upping the boys with a trophy mistress.

No word on whether this holds true for Americans as well, but I bet Europe is proud that their bankers are so dedicated to remaining awful human beings. It takes courage to be such a long running joke.


5 thoughts on “Shamed bankers turn to illicit affairs to get their groove back

  1. Naturally there’s a US analogue,, which is if possible more brazen. Its FAQ even gives advice on how non-married folk can get in on the action:

    “There are many single people on Ashley Madison that wish to meet attached people for various reasons.

    If you are single and wish to meet an attached person, you’re probably going to have to try a little harder. Single people don’t have as much to risk. We suggest that you remain patient and keep trying.

    People in relationships may feel that you have an upper-hand and that you may not be sympathetic to their circumstances. Take your time to build an additional level of trust with attached people you wish to meet.

    Alternatively, single people have more flexibility with their schedule & are usually more available. Singles are more apt to work within your limitations since they have few boundaries. Single people can also be more fun to be with – their guard is down & they don’t care who sees them. “

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