Revenge of the Wal-Marts

snooty couple

I bet even that dog is getting the same lavish treatment in stores now.

The rich have been ashamed to be rich since the economy started its downfall, so it’s no wonder the NYT reports that expensive boutiques and retailers have decided to be super extra nice to every potential shopper (hint: this means you.)

A few steps away at Dennis Basso, a fur store, Mr. Basso himself was greeting customers. “It can’t hurt,” he said. “Stores that don’t normally have great customer service are trying harder. They’re reaching out and giving that special treatment to the … ” and here, he paused for emphasis, “ … Christmas shopper.”

It makes sense that in tough times every customer’s worth rises a bit in proportion to how poorly sales are falling. In fact, stores are taking such a high interest in doting on you that jobs are at stake.

And, yes, those doormen really are cheerier. Jim Gold, the chief executive of the store, said he replaced the security company that hires them “when we found the ones we were using weren’t as friendly as we wanted them to be.”

And it turns out many of these luxury brands need all the customer service training they can get.

A report entitled the Retail Service Quality Index, released Dec. 1, rated the service in luxury stores like Nordstrom, Bergdorf and Saks as no better than what was found in home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Ace Hardware.

“Retailers are very good at the sales transaction,” Mr. Miller said, “but they are not very good at building sales relationships. If I am not going to get service that is any different walking into Wal-Mart as walking into Nordstrom, why would I go to Nordstrom?”

For every girl who grew up watching Julia Roberts show snobby Rodeo Drive retailers not to judge a woman by her prostitute outerwear, booyah bitches!

(The real action starts at 9:45).

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