In news no one is surprised by, law school and grad school apps are at all-time highs

simpsons blue haired lawyer

Want to hate your life as a morally questionable, unrespected, but very well-paid suit-wearing alcoholic? Get in line!

To all overachievers:

Invest in some coffee beans from Costco. Use your savings on a private essay coach. Hell, rescue a kid from Darfur if you’ve got the connections. That damn recession is going to mess with your perfect application. Apparently, you’re not the only unemployed brainiac who thinks going back to school in an economic downturn is a good idea.

The NYT reports that the number of people taking the LSAT in 2009 rose 20%, reaching an all-time high of 60,746, while the number of people taking the  GREs rose 13 percent to a record 670,000 compared with 2008 . And tons of schools are reporting a major increase in applicants.

Washington University in St. Louis has had a 19% year-to-date increase in applications to its college of law. At the University of San Francisco School of Law, applications are up 35% over last year, and at the University of Iowa’s College of Law, applications are up 39%. Cornell University’s Law School, whose ranking has remained relatively stable, applications are up 44%.

One such desperate applicant was forced to apply to grad school as a result of unemployment that also forced her to move back home (a sad recession trend among the Endless Recession’s newly graduated).

Stephanie E. Neal, 24, also said she was hoping to increase her appeal to employers by returning to school. She graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology in 2008 and has since completed a paralegal certificate and a victim’s assistance certificate. But she has been unemployed since May and is now preparing to take the G.R.E. She lives with her parents in Southern California and said “desperation” has pushed her back toward academia.

“With every job going to someone who has more experience and who is willing to take a pay cut to have a job, I’m left with what amounts to slim pickings,” she said. “With no income, I’ve turned to the idea of higher education.”

Good to know our education system is valued so highly as a last resort.


2 thoughts on “In news no one is surprised by, law school and grad school apps are at all-time highs

  1. The massive bubble in education classes will probably get far larger yet due to the recession. These colleges (and the Obama
    administration) both perpetuate the idea that we can train laid off welders to become productive Java programmers, and laid off Java programmers into productive welders.

    Want to become a “chef”? The Art Institute of Chicago says it’s easy.

    Nevermind gallery sales are at an all-time historic low, want to be a fine artist? Just sign on the dotted line.

    • Oh my goodness, those kids are going to invest so much money (or should I say debt) and not be able to pay it off. There are especially too many law schools and too many law applicants/students. The damn media and law school bigwigs lie to the faces of young adults with false promises of big fat paychecks when the graduate to their non-existent dream jobs. How to you expect to pay off $200,000 or more in debt with a $20,000 yearly salary performing document review despite having a J.D.? There is an education bubble. I hate debt. We have too much of it in America and it needs to stop.

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