Lengthy unemployment leads to lots more sex

I have those same exact tights...

Everyone knows that one of the benefits of being jobless is oodles of free time. So much free time that sometimes, after reading every blogpost on your GoogleReader and IMing all of your friends at work, you don’t even know what to do with yourself. Some people, though, have no trouble finding sexual creative endeavors with which to occupy their time.

UPI reports that lengthy unemployment increases “sexual appetite and risky sexual behavior” in young people.

Matthew J. Davis, a Texas A&M University doctoral student, looked at the responses from 2,362 participants ages 21-27 concerning their sexual behavior, including number of partners, frequency and use of contraceptives.

The study, published in the journal Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity, showed people with higher rates of poverty were more likely to have sex more often with multiple partners and not utilize birth control and protection.

That unemployment leads to more sex makes sense on many levels (more free time, heightened sense of boredom, lower standards), but that it leads to risky sexual behavior is a bit more disappointing.

“A second factor that may be working in this relationship is future uncertainty,” Davis said. “Unemployed and poor individuals may be less likely to perceive their future as both positive and stable, which may lead to reduction in their ability to delay gratification and comprehend future consequences of their actions.”

Just because you don’t get a paycheck doesn’t mean now’s the time to get the clap or, worse, preggers! There is no need to make unemployed life even worse, people. Surviving on pasta alone is punishment enough.


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