Conan O’Brien joins the legion of unemployed

scream painting

A weekly round-up of hopeless economy news.

  • Joining thousands of others, Conan O’Brien sported a newly minted unemployment beard. [TMZ]
  • A number of industries in New York state, including financial services, terminated at least 5 percent of their workers in the current recession, which has fallen harder on men, minorities and those without college degrees, a report said on Tuesday. [Reuters]
  • People are still holding back on buying burgers, soda and beer. So much for fast food, soft drinks and booze being recession-proof. Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Molson Coors. All three reported Tuesday morning that demand for their products is stronger abroad than it is in the United States. [CNNMoney]
  • Finding a job got much tougher last year, as the number of available openings fell by nearly one quarter. At the same time, the unemployed population soared by more than one-third, leaving more laid-off workers competing for fewer jobs. All told, there were 6.1 unemployed workers in December, on average, for every available position, according to Labor Department data released Tuesday. [AP]

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