One benefit of the recession? Everyone loves to talk about money!

lolcatz money

Miraculously, kittens gained the ability to discuss finance too.

Apparently, it’s socially OK to talk about money now. “Where it was once shameful to talk about some of these things, now it’s not,” Hilary Black, editor of the anthology “The Secret Currency of Love,” told the New York Times.

And the stigma of being laid off has certainly diminished, if not disappeared altogether. “One silver lining to this terribly scary time is that people can talk about their troubles without fearing that others are secretly judging them as failures,” Ms. Black said.

Hm, I don’t know if this author’s ever been to Brooklyn or anything, but being unemployed has had a certain cache ever since bankers were deemed Satan’s children for ruining our economy with their greed. (And eating babies dipped in gold.) In my experience anyway, complaining about how you can barely afford the drink you’re sipping is one of the few ways friendships are formed. The stigma is really with all of those lucky bastards who have a job. No one wants to be associated with a paycheck, which is only a few social security numbers away from THE MAN.


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