4 reasons why you should never sleep with the unemployed

jessica rabbit

Something tells me she is the antithesis of what you will find in the jobless dating pool.

A few weeks back, Nerve.com decided to get sex advice from the unemployed. I know it’s tough to keep those standards up when you can barely afford the drinks necessary to meet (and potentially sleep with) strangers, but I really can’t see how this was at all beneficial for those interviewed. Here are four things I gleaned from the piece about the sexual misadventures of the jobless.

1) The unemployed are so insecure about not having a job that you can’t even ask them what they do as a topic of conversation.

What’s the worst way someone’s attempted to pick you up?

“Oh, it’s also sort of a dead end when guys ask me, So, tell me — what do you do?’ I’m like, ‘Uh, I don’t do anything. I’m unemployed.'”- Jessica, 27

2) They will leech off of your paycheck.

Are there any sexual advantages to being unemployed?

“I prefer going after them job-having girls. That way they can take care of you.” – Pete, 23

3) Not having a job excuses you from having standards.

Is it easier to get laid when you’re unemployed?

I think it’s probably more a question of quantity over quality. I’d say that it’s probably easier to get laid more being unemployed. If you’re working, you probably have less sex, but it’s with better people.” – Jess, 22

4) You can always identify someone without a job by their affinity for free drinks.

Where are some places I could pick up unemployed people?

“As far as the day time goes, I don’t know. Being out when the sun’s up is a rare thing for me. At night, your best bet is to find a party with an open bar.”- Jess, 22

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