Latvian recession results in large parade of perky blondes

latvia blonde parade

As far as we know, there is no Latvian word for Recession Barbie.

Some unemployed people send out resumes. Others lie in bed all day eating Cheetos. And a whole separate group — beautiful, well-endowed, high-heeled, and with hair that looks like sunshine — march through the streets to raise the spirits of the laid off masses.

Or at least that’s what the Latvian Association of Blondes — yes there is such a thing — did to cheer up their country,  whose economy shrank by 18% in 2009.

The color of choice was, of course, pink and according to the BBC, the procession included parties, concerts and a Marilyn Monroe lookalike competition. The idea resulted from trying to be positive amidst the recession bleakness. And of course, what better antidote to depression is there if not streets full of leggy blondes?

Marika Gederte, president of the Latvian Association of Blondes, told the BBC the idea came out of the economic gloom.

“I was so tired, you know, every day opening the computer and reading the newspapers and just reading about problems. We decided… let’s do something nice. And I asked myself the question: what can I do for my country? And this is what I did… We are very proud to be blonde.”

No experts have yet weighed in on how seeing a swarm of blondes has affected overall productivity in those that did have jobs to go to that morning.

To the brunettes of Latvia: I do not envy you.


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