Why you should dump your unemployed friends

couch potato cat

Kitty prefers to job hunt in peace, thankyouverymuch.

Let’s be real: the friends you keep tell you what to do, from what d-list music is now cool to  who you’re allowed to sleep with.  And everyone has some members in their crew who moms don’t approve of. But instead of blacklisting the borderline alcoholics or self-obsessed fame whores, your new frenemies may be the fellow unemployed.

According to a new study from the World Bank (via the NYT), if you and a friend are out of a job, both of you are less likely to search with the same intensity as if you didn’t have any unemployed friends.

The lesson to be drawn by these findings is that one’s employment decisions have a strong externality on other’s labor supply and job search eff ort, through comparison effects. Upon losing a job, if a relevant other is also jobless then both individuals search with less intensity. In the opposite scenario, if all relevant others are employed, search intensity increases for the unemployed…

If others are unemployed, I will search less and extend my unemployment duration, in turn affecting others’ return to work.

In other words, instead of sending out resumes and going on informationals, you and your bro are chugging brewskis while mapping out your perfect fantasy football league. (Or to be gender neutral/equally stereotypical of the opposite sex: you and your girl are sipping Franzia while watching reruns of Real Housewives). A fantasy land of free time, cheap alcohol, and no need to ever change your underwear.

This probably explains why unemployed love usually doesn’t last too long either.

4 thoughts on “Why you should dump your unemployed friends

  1. ha, thanks! yeah, i feel like sending resumes out in a recession should be added as a new definition for “black hole”.

  2. Hi, I was using one of my talents and came across this site by accident and realized that since there is no such thing as an accidents (I call them Godincidences)…Now who am I? and why am I here?
    Well if you go to my website which is not yet working (long story about that but more on this later) you will find out that I use to be employed by KODAK as a Chemical Engineer up to when I became disabled (that was more than 25 years ago) and I am doing well Fantastic (my branded name is Fantastic Frank)

    How can I be Fantastic? Especially when I don’t have a J.O B. or some way to “work to make money?”

    Am I lucky?

    No luck” has little to do with one’s current circumstances..

    I am blessed and grateful for everything that has happened to me.. and because I am happy and optimistic and use several of my God giving talents like the one that has lead me to this website and to write this reply.. I know something positive will happen because of it.. Don’t yet know what …

    Maybe I will get an invitation to speak at an event, or perhaps some one will offer to help me finish up my website, or maybe I may find me my life partner (yes I am unmarried) and am “looking”, or maybe my next mentor may show up, or maybe I will connect with some one who wants to make my life’s story into a movie. or something else even better will happen (Perhaps my invitation to appear on OPERAH !!)

    I have no idea what will happen.

    I just have the faith that something positive will happen..

    Sooner or later…

    So thanks to whom ever created this website I will be sure and mention it when I give my next talk on WEDNESDAY the 8th of September , 2010.

    (no its not to a disabled group of people like my previous talks but its to a group of people who are looking for work… much like most every one seems to be.. and no I am not going to be paid for doing this .. So why am I doing this? because I am passionate about inspiring other people to see that there is light at the end of their tunnel too. That gives me the “juice” to continue and when ever you follow your heart or your passion it must be rewarded.)

    So that is it for now.

    I wish everyone happiness and success



    I simply have no idea what

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