Hire my friend: the comp lit major who can say unemployed in English and French

Step one in how American kids learn French during study abroad.

Name: Gowri

Major: Comparative Literature, French and English

What I would’ve majored in 4 years ago had I known the economy was going to hell: Pre-med like all the other Indians

Why I decided to waste $160K $200K on an Ivy League education: To earn my ticket into the upper crust intelligentsia

Current City of Residence: Denver

Ideal City of Residence: I like Denver. I love the mountains. Sometimes though, in fits of depression/hopelessness, I want to move to Paris (because everything is better in Europe)

Current job: Working at toll highway

Dream job: Inspirational speaker (this is not meant to be ironic)

Resume claim to fame: A litany of psychology/psychiatry research positions in my delusional pre-med days

Greatest achievement I don’t like to talk about on interviews: Killer BLT


7 thoughts on “Hire my friend: the comp lit major who can say unemployed in English and French

  1. Everything’s better in the EU, lol? Have you not watched any of the news of the fiscal crisis slamming the EU? The party is just getting started over there.

    Granted Paris has one of the lowest UE rates in Europe. But it’s 9.9% is still far and away higher than Denver’s 7.8%. Places like Spain have over 20% UE!

  2. My brother graduated in International Business (whatever that is these days) and can’t even find a part time job in retail due to his Ivy degree.

  3. Also South Asian, majored in French and am unemployed. No, nothing is better than Europe — it sucks over there. No career progression, low wages, high cost of living, people rude and lack work ethic, hate foreigners, etc.

    I’ve been to Paris 30 times (or more now?) and it’s not a place worth living. Also not cosmopolitan the way NY, LA, London and SF are. (If you’re not European/white, people will think you’re poor and uneducated. Educated immigration is outside of their field of understanding of the world.)

    • Haha it looks like people aren’t as in favor of the EU as I am. You can’t argue that their unemployment benefits are better, even though their unemployment rates have always been higher. This is a chicken and egg debate though, since a lot of theorists say that EU citizens have less motivation to get jobs because of the impressive benefits. Anyway, un chocolat chaud and a croissant on the Rue de Rivoli makes everything better in my book, so I’m sticking to my argument.

  4. oops, meant to say “you can’t argue with the fact that their unemployment benefits are better.”

    also, AJ, i do agree that Paris isn’t nearly as heterogenous as major cities in the US, and the only South Asians i saw in france were working in blue collar jobs. that said, i found people very friendly and welcoming. i love paris as a city– i think it comes down to personal preference (and addiction to crepes)

  5. Gowri: you need to get out of this pity party and find your purpose and commit to a cause. It does not matter how much money you make but what matters is what you have done with your time here. Make a difference.

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