Look no further than the playpen for the real winners of this economy

baby opening present

Those grubby baby paws may look cute, but the adowable wittle fingers are where the downfall of family budgets really begins.

It’s probably no surprise that kids are making out like bandits in this so-called recession. Perfect present fodder like toys and video games barely suffered a dent in sales this year, according to market research firm NPD Group. MarketWatch brings us the no-brainer reasons why:

1) Kids bring out the crazy in us.
“We are not always rational about these things with our kids,” David Palmiter, a clinical psychologist who focuses on children.

2) Presents for any occasion are associated with the divine.
“With things like birthdays, Christmas, the tooth fairy, people regard those to some extent as sacred,” Paul Donahue, a Scarsdale, N.Y.-based clinical psychologist and author of Parenting Without Fear.

3) Parents who do not participate in ceremonial gift-giving may need to see a therapist.

“People are so resistant to make changes because of feelings of guilt, feelings of shame, sadness,” Kathleen Gurney, a psychologist and chief executive of Financial Psychology Corp., a Sarasota, Fla., advisory firm, said.

So there you have it: kids are the new evil Wall Street bankers of this economy.


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