All the bedridden unemployed can rejoice!


This is the first time this man has almost left his chair in months.

Thanks to Carte P. Goodwin, the new Democratic senator from West Virginia to replace the late Robert C. Byrd, the Senate heeded Paul Krugman‘s and a gazillion other economists‘ advice and voted 60 to 40 to extend unemployment for millions of Americans who have been out of work for six months or more.

Though Goodwin didn’t win himself any playdates with his fellow Republicans, he can at least count on a drink with Republican maverick kick-ass free-thinking senators Susan Collins and Olympia J. Snowe of Maine.

The Republicans can now drown their sorrows over the ballooning deficit with unemployed people around the country finally getting out of the house and buying themselves a congratulatory drink — though only if it’s half-off during happy hour.


6 thoughts on “All the bedridden unemployed can rejoice!

  1. How does this foster job creation? Oh, wait…

    I know I’m being selfish, but as an unemployed college grad, I’d rather money be spent on job creation than unemployment benefits.

    • What do you think the unemployed people do with their money? They pay rent and buy groceries and otherwise put the money back into the economy, which thus leads to job creation.

      The alternative, “spend money on job creation” is simply expansion of government. The government has to find more jobs it can pay people to do. Those jobs tend to be temporary (like various construction projects), and don’t lead to long term job growth, whereas putting more money in the hands of consumers does.

      • True. However, companies have learned to squeeze more out of their workforce, and many have not resumed hiring despite posting record profits. It’ll take years before the job market bounces back.

        In the meantime, I would love a paper-pushing government job to pad my resume.

  2. you’d think being good friends with the Goodwin family would help with the job hunt, esp with Chief Judge Goodwin, but apparently it doesn’t =(

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