Wait, househusbands may not be the golden ticket young girls always dreamed of


This is your unemployed hubby on his "job interview."

Earlier on this blog, we extolled the kickass scenario some lucky wives find themselves in: due to the recession, male breadwinners have become unemployed househusbands who take care of the kids, cook dinner for you, clean the apartment, and help you kick off your stilettos after a hard day of work.

But according to a recent study on infidelity, men who are financially dependent on their wives and live-in girlfriends are five times more likely to cheat than those who made the same amount of money.

Before you throw your pay stubs in your deadbeat husband’s face, you should remember that cheating is still a rare occurrence, the head researcher told NPR’s health blog.

[Christin Munsch, a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at Cornell University and author of the stud] says that each relationship is still unique, and infidelity remains a relatively uncommon occurrence. About 7 percent of men and 3 percent of women cheated in the study’s six-year period.

But no matter how many exceptional men are currently working on their curried beef stew, this study proves that the status quo will remain stuck in traditional gender roles. The reason for this is sadly obvious: old-world machismo.

When a man makes less than his female partner, the discrepancy can challenge “the traditional notion of men as breadwinners,” Munsch writes in her analysis of the results.

So some men may feel the need to prove their manliness on the sly. The trend is particularly strong in subgroups that may hold the idea of traditional masculinity in high regard, like Latino men, she found.

But wait, it gets soap-opera worse! Before you ladies get tempted to once again don your aprons, it turns out men who make more money than their wives are still more likely to cheat, according to CNN.

A man who makes significantly more money than his girlfriend or wife is also more likely to cheat because the job or position he works may require long work hours and travel. Those factors could create an easier environment for cheating, the study suggests.

So really, ladies, there’s no reason to even try treading lightly on your man’s ego.  According to this study, dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t! Perhaps most depressing though is how far this study shows we really are from gender equality:

Women, on the other hand, were more faithful when they were financially dependent on their male partners.

Ladies, we have some catching up to do.

6 thoughts on “Wait, househusbands may not be the golden ticket young girls always dreamed of

  1. Really, how reliable are these statistics? Aren’t they self reported? I mean you can’t really follow around thousands of people to find out what they’re doing.

    I think men chronically lie about how much sex they have and how many partners they’ve had.

  2. Probably women lie about their sex lives too. Not only that, lots of people lie about their incomes. There may also be selection issues. Perhaps badboy types are more likely to end up with women who make more money than them.

  3. Yes, the self reported incomes never correlate with the actual results you can get from the BLS (I think I remember getting some Labor Statistics from something like this before) and other official numbers. That is why sites like salary.com are such poor research devices, and why the law school scam has propagated.

    Unless you’re in the military however, I don’t think work should consume someone’s life to the point that they are never around their family and can’t be in good physical shape. America is actually the worst country of all developed nations in terms of vacation time, hours, etc. Workers have virtually no rights in the US compared to most developed countries (usually a minimum of 20 days off a year).

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  5. You think it’s a good thing to have a spouse who is unemployed and doing all the housework/childcare? Good! I will absolutely insist that my wife stay home rather than have a career. Thanks for the advice on what makes a good marriage. Of course I will recommend this same relationship type to all my buddies. Don’t marry career women is your advice, right? Okay!

    • We live in a country (and world) where coiaorptrons like Starbucks spread like wildfire SO much so, that they, self-admittedly, had to close 200 (?) stores in Summer 2008 because they had built too many’ and created too much competition for themselves’ In this mad quest for ever increasing profit margins and wealth we end up with coiaorptrons who not only put others out of business, but even threaten their own operations!? That is what we’re dealing with.If we’re to bring back middle class bring back ability to ACTUALLY choose what we do with our lives the freedom and flexibility to do a hard day’s work, and go to sleep, knowing you worked hard that day, and that you didn’t work just for the profit/gain of some CEO and his stockholding buddies. We need to (economically, legally, socially however) bring about a change in the corporate culture. As far as I’m concerned, we need to find ways of limiting the size/operations of coiaorptrons, not with the intent of restricting international trade but of providing the opportunity for individuals to strike out on their own and create local/small businesses which invest in their local communities.Obviously I’m not sure how to approach this. AND obviously, I recognize many points which would weaken my claim such as, we wouldn’t have affordable computers/technology/cell phones if it weren’t for the GIANT companies like Apple/IBM. Maybe that’s the answer things that CAN be produced/provided locally SHOULD BE and computers, cars, cell phones let the giants do that.

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