Watch America become a wasteland of unemployment

If unemployment claims rising to the highest level since November doesn’t put you in the right partying mood, this visual graph of the nation’s growing unemployment numbers will sure do the trick. Don’t forget your flask this weekend!

(Thanks, HuffPo.)

UPDATE: Good point, Despondent! Things are even more depressing! The real unemployment rate — when you factor in people who have given up looking for jobs or underemployed folks working part-time or less — is closer to 20%, which Salon pointed out back in October.


4 thoughts on “Watch America become a wasteland of unemployment

  1. Sallie Mae will have to hire more debt collectors, that will maybe sort of increase the employment numbers…right?

    Time to invent the next Monopoly board game. You have to be completely oblivious to reality to not realize we are in a Even Greater Depression.

  2. Even these “high” numbers don’t represent the dire reality of unemployment in the U.S. It’s more closer 20%. A lot of people are under-employed, but who cares, right? People are just statistics.

    Here’s how the 9.5% rate was fabricated:

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