Avoid these schools unless you have at least $400 million in the bank

student loan debt

This poor kid isn't trying to do his elementary math homework with the help of the cash in his mom's wallet: he's trying to figure out how many years of fake photos he'll have to pose in to pay for one semester of college.

The Washington Post Company released some sobering stats about how expensive an education has become. The Chronicle of Education released a similar report last year that showed university prices steadily growing. This is particularly depressing given that, as you can see, a college degree (even one that can provoke impressed oohs and aahs) isn’t really worth that much anymore. And yet, the number of kids taking out loans has been the highest in nine years.

So you can take your US News & World statistics and shove it. In a far more useful ranking system, Gawker crunched their numbers and revealed the top ten universities that will land you in the highest student debt. See the schools to avoid, no matter how awesome their lavish cafeterias are supposed to be, after the jump:

1) New York University: $659 million
2) University of Southern California: $631 million
3) Penn State University: $590 million
4) Ohio State University: $560 million
5) University of Minnesota: $495 million
6) Arizona State University: $479 million
7) University of Texas: $474 million
8) Michigan State University: $433 million
9) Indiana University- Purdue University: $421 million
10) Rutgers: $398 million

5 thoughts on “Avoid these schools unless you have at least $400 million in the bank

  1. No wait, seriously. It’s close to 3/4 *billion* to go to NYU? What if you have to live somewhere and buy CDs?

    What job could you get that could get you out of that debt? Russian mafia assassin? What?

    -Stunned in East Village

  2. This is a ridiculous misrepresentation of the statistics. This is total student debt, not debt per student. So, larger schools = more student debt. This is basically just a list of some of the largest universities in the country. Without total student population numbers, this means absolutely nothing.

  3. Schools like UT Austin provide an excellent education at a reasonable cost. Now NYU is a different story (though still a good edu).

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