Why I Have a Job: the creative writing major who gets hit on by homeless people

why i have a job

Meet the next James Franco.

Name: Siobhan

Major: Comparative Literature & Society AND Creative Writing

What I do all day: I am a commercial real estate broker at ERG Property Advisors. Also I work in the Audience Department at the Late Show With David Letterman. My first job is very Glengarry Glen Ross and my second job is Party Down without the bowties. I also do stand up at nights. Stand up, I only get paid on some nights, but I treat it like a third job. (I am a nutjob who dislikes sleep). Let’s just say James Franco is my overscheduled hero.

What I would rather be doing all day: I really like my life right now. Everything I am doing, I have actively made a choice to do. Unfortunately, my choices have led me to live in NJ with my parents because I can’t afford to live as a grown up human. But in an ideal world, I’d like to be a writer/producer/performer either for SNL or my own sitcom. I’d like to host my own late night show. They just seem to be giving those away now.

Where I found this job: My real estate job I actually found on my school’s career website. I found my job at the Late Show on craigstlist. Yes. Craigslist: website to both sexual predators and the now gainfully employed. When I was unemployed, I would spend four hours a day on different job posting sites like mediabistro.com and mandy.com.

Why they hired me as opposed to hundreds of other overqualified Ivy league grads: When they asked me why should they hire me, I told them, “I work like an animal, and I never complain.” I never feel like anything is beneath me, and I think my employers sensed that.

Best part about being employed: Every day is a learning experience. I don’t really FEEL like it’s work. Both jobs are really flexible, so I never worry about how many sick/vacation days I have left. Also, the perks are pretty rad. I get to go to the concerts at the Ed Sullivan Theater that they sometimes do after the Late Show. A few nights ago, I got to see Katy Perry in all her batshit insane glory.

Worst part about being employed: The Port Authority late at night waiting for my bus home is the absolute worst. Getting hit on by a man wearing one shoe and a t-shirt that’s says “Proud Mother of a Rutgers Graduate,” while flattering, isn’t really a great way to close out the day. Sometimes I fall asleep on the bus and wake up in Warwick, NY. That’s never fun.

Heartfelt advice to your jobless friends who may have been freeloading off of you for months: Get a survival job part time and explore your passions. People who are really successful are obsessed with what they do. This is the only time in your life that no one expects that much from you because let’s face it, at 22 you know how to do jack shit in the professional world. Learn. It can’t be about your paycheck. Accept the fact that you won’t be making a lot of money until you hit about 30. A lot of us, due to our academic backgrounds, only deign to do work. But the people who make it, regardless of the field they are in, they HUSTLE. Get off Facebook. Stop playing Farmville. If you’re not going balls-to-the-wall after what you want, what are you doing?


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