Yup, science confirms women with jobs are allergic to marriage

wife scolding husband

She learned this in management training.

Ladies, if you need another reason to give up on this whole “success” thing, there’s more proof that love is just not sustainable when you’re the only one paying the rent.

We already explained why the unemployed trophy househusband is really just a fanciful illusion. And if you weren’t feeling hopeless enough, female breadwinners are nearly 40 percent more likely to get a divorce than cash-strapped women, according to a  25-year study.
It’s unclear if the divorces are happening as a result of the men’s bruised egos, their tendency to cheat to compensate for said egos, or a woman’s financial ability to call the shots.
Because the person asking for divorce isn’t specified, the message could be one of disappointment (men can’t hack having a more successful spouse and would prefer to shack up with their unpaid intern) or one of empowerment (women have the paychecks to support their life decisions and escape an unhappy marriage).
I’d like to think it’s the latter. That’s right, lazy menfolk. We’re not going to house and feed you while you figure out the fastest way to solve a rubik’s cube. If you want to be useful and stick around, grab a broom. Preferably while wearing no shirt. And flaunting a six-pack.

2 thoughts on “Yup, science confirms women with jobs are allergic to marriage

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