Hire my friend: the engineering major who’s looking to marry rich


He is new to selling his body. Otherwise he would've taken his shirt off.

Name: Ajay

Major: B.S. in Electrical Engineering (Cornell), M.S. in Information Technology (Carnegie Mellon)

What I would have majored in 4 years ago had I known the economy was going to hell:  Culinary Arts.  So I would make the perfect house husband for rich white women.  Or I should have listened to mom and become a doctor.

Why I decided to waste $160K $200K on an Ivy League education::  To impress rich white women

Current City of Residence: En route to New York City

Ideal City of Residence:  I love the mix of mountains and beaches in Los Angeles.  But the nice parts (Santa Monica) are pretty damn expensive.  I can’t imagine anywhere in Hawaii sucking.

Current job: Taking care of the dog.  Reading/self studying (that seems to be what I’m best at)

Dream job: Actuary, quant at a hedge fund, SAS programmer.  I know, all have almost nothing related to my majors.

Resume claim to fame: All the white girls I tutored in my math and physics classes.

Greatest achievement I don’t like to talk about on interviews:  Crazy parallel parking skills.

If you are a rich, white woman who would like to hire/marry Ajay, send us a pleading email.
If you would like to be featured in the weekly Hire My Friend column or know someone who would, holla.

19 thoughts on “Hire my friend: the engineering major who’s looking to marry rich

  1. B.S.E.E. at Cornell seems like a shoo-in for a job. Engineering majors at a top school (or even an above average school) are smart and must not have too tough a time getting a job. Apply to a lot of companies and accept a job that may be beneath your “dream job”. By the way, there are a lot of Indian girls who are good looking and rich.

    • as an engineering major from a top school (at least, ranked above Cornell in my major), I can tell you that without a precise set of skills demanding minimal to no training, even the mighty engineering degree is not the shoe-in it once was.

      • I co-sign with what Robert says. Companies want engineers with experience instead of taking the time to turn your two semesters of control theory and three semesters of thermodynamics into something actually useful for business.

        A lot of entry-level opportunities tend to be at large corporations (there are exceptions, of course) and HR tends to focus on recruiting from schools it has established relationships with and sometimes may not even consider you if you have other credentials. “You have your BSEE from Northwestern? Great! But we stick to entry-level hires from the local state school.”)

        Large companies love to outsource or use contract labor (wooo no benefits). During a summer internship, my apartment complex was full of workers on H1-B visas hired on the cheap that would be laid off as soon as the visas expired.

    • I find it really odd that the use of “white girls” is mentioned 3 times in a post about an unemployed Indian engineer. Looks like his real goal is to be white.

  2. HOT!

    But, seriously? Parking skills? 😛

    The white girl thing obviously means he likes white girls, not wants to be one. Just like I like brown, curry stained boys, but don’t want to be a Fiji

  3. I didn’t say he wanted to be a white girl, I meant that his putting white girls on a pedestal like that shows his insecurity with himself and his race.

    • I still totally disagree. Acknowledging who you are and what you like are two totally different things. For your asian friend it was a matter of trying to belong. For our Indian engineer here, it’s a matter of obtaining what he desires. Very different.

      But in the interest of making both sides clear, here’s my blog

  4. … You know, a lot of these “Hire My Friend” posts are written tongue-in-cheek. Maybe he used “white girls” three times because he was trying to be funny.

  5. You are seriously insanely arrogant. You need to look in the mirror. You will never in a thousand years get a “rich white girl.” You need to seriously stop bothering people loser.

    PS You will never get an Indian girl either. Try a 300 pound ghetto girl

    • First of all, you need to learn to recognize satire when you see it. You must be a dreadful bore.

      Secondly, I am guessing that by “Ghetto” you mean African American. Not only are you a bore, you are also small minded and bigoted.

      What you wrote is totally offensive and you should feel ashamed.
      However, because of your obvious lack of self-awareness, you probably don’t.

      Good luck in your ilfe!

    • Kathleen,We are already in the prcseos of working on that, we to as a board would love to make it more convienient for parents. This however will take a bit of time to arrange for payment prcseoses and such to be set into place. Thank you for your suggestion

  6. I agree with you, Indian Girl on the jist of your argument but am astounded about how you put down people of a different race, socioeconomic status and weight. Just wow.

  7. He has potential. Kinda cute, but needs a little “man-over” like a trip to Banana Republic and a metrosexual friendly salon. There are probably some hot cougars in my area who would love to take him out for a trial run.

    Hope the politically correct bunch don’t take me too seriously.

  8. I think your friend should look for job in Washington DC area, engineer who know programming can make lots of $. My friend who is grad from reg schol (not in top 100) and know very lil about programming, took a job in a small company in DC area for 45k/yr, jump to another company for 67k, promoted to 77k after few months, and jump to another one for 100k/yr. So from 45k to 100k within 3 year. I know ppl make 100k-150k who is computer engr in DC area, I wish I learn more OOP in school.

    With cornell deg, i think he can land a job easily

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