Men, gird your loins: there is a “mancession” coming for you

xena warrior princess

This is the future of America. Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi-Yi!

As Hanna Rosin pointed out way back when in her controversial Atlantic cover story “The End of Men,” guys are suffering way worse in this depression than their female counterparts. The explanation is twofold:  traditionally woman-friendly industries like health care and education are growing while man-friendly industries like manufacturing and construction have been decimated by the recession.

This is nothing new (see the below category for this post), but writers everywhere are having fun coming up with cutesy monikers for the times. Columnists are deeming this economy a “mancession” that is dominated by a “she-covery.”

So as men everywhere are covering their collective crotch in what is sure to be a stampede of powerful, hungry women who will eat them alive, women can expect to abolish marriage altogether, unless they find themselves a nice househusband, and single-handedly resurrect the economy with some some mani-pedis while they ride this crappy economy thing over.  Who knows, maybe this new majority of the workforce can even start getting equal pay one day…

Gender-normative career paths 4eva!


2 thoughts on “Men, gird your loins: there is a “mancession” coming for you

  1. Give me my man before I gobble them up by the dozen!

    :-0 ……tastes like chicken….mmmm

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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