Even the people who finally got jobs are unhappy

sad baby

Here's a gratuitous photo of a sad baby!

No matter how you look at it, everyone in this economy is screwed. Even the lucky bastards who were able to find employment are pretty miserable. Some sobering stats from the Times:

As of November 2010, only about one-third had found replacement jobs, either as full-time workers (26 percent) or as part-time workers not wanting a full-time job (8 percent).

Nearly 7 in 10 of the survey’s respondents who took jobs in new fields say they had to take a cut in pay, compared with just 45 percent of workers who successfully found work in their original field.

Of all the newly re-employed tracked by the Heldrich Center, 29 percent took a reduction in fringe benefits in their new job. Again, those switching careers had to sacrifice more: Nearly half of these workers (46 percent) suffered a benefits cut, compared with just 29 percent who stayed in the same career.


2 thoughts on “Even the people who finally got jobs are unhappy

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  2. Those stats are inaccurate. There are plntey of jobs, its just hard to get a job because the employers doesn’t want to just hired anyone, even tho they should. Its not the employees fought, or the president’s fault, its the employer fought, the people who don’t want to hired you. Also none of this has anything to do with African Americans CBS next time leave that out.

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