Add Golden Globe winners to your list of unemployed

christian bale golden globes 2011 hair

What you're seeing is phase 3 in unemployed purgatory.

When not working, it’s easy to let yourself go. Pajamas become the clothing of choice, showers get fewer and farther in between, and most grooming efforts fall by the wayside. My hair grew at least six inches while avoiding spending money on unnecessary beautifying. And I’m not the only one!

When asked about his shoulder-length tresses at the Globes, Christian Bale admitted it was just a case of nonworking malaise.

“In truth, you know what this is? This is unemployment, this is all this is,” Bale told Access Hollywood after he won Best Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role award for the The Fighter. “I haven’t worked since ‘The Fighter,’ and it’s nice to just not bother cutting your hair. When you’re [not] in a job that everything always has to be, you know, worked out for a character, I just sort of let it all hang out, but it’s unemployment, that’s all it is.”


2 thoughts on “Add Golden Globe winners to your list of unemployed

  1. God, it’s so true! I’m not working now and find myself forgetting to brush my teeth, wash my face, and sometimes even shower. It all adds up to feeling even more gross than I already do. I’m glad you’re bringing awareness to this ego killing epidemic! I love your stove post, too. The worst realization that led to the best change I’ve made was realizing that daily Starbucks coffee and scone were putting me into serious debt. I’m glad I learned how to cook in time for the recession.

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