For a select few, the recession is a major turn-on

piggy bank in love

What? Pennies can be very erotic you know.

Economic setbacks like unemployment or mortgage woes are linked to big declines in marital happiness, but a minority of married Americans say the recession has deepened their commitment to their spouse, according to a new report. [NYT]

Honey, I’ve never felt happier than cooking canned soup with you. Spending nights in total darkness to save on electricity and selling my finest jewelry to barely keep the mortgage payments coming keeps me grounded and gives life a new meaning. I’m so much more fulfilled spending every hour together since we both got laid off. I’ve learned so much about you, like that cute little face you make when you fart silently and the peculiar, fungus-like odor your socks give off after not showering for days. I’m truly blessed and I can’t believe it took us going on welfare to realize that!

3 thoughts on “For a select few, the recession is a major turn-on

  1. I have had a browse on this blog. To be quite honest, I just sat here for the past hour looking through old posts. I am not Ivy Leagued but I am unemployed. Finished my B.A in May of 2009 and then went on to do a 1 year M.A program. Now, I am facing the harsh reality that I may have done 5 internships, maintained a professional network, and read all the career advice I can find as an undergrad, I will have to job hunt like every other postgraduate. I am not any different. It was nice today to find that you have also beared the grunt of unemployment and landed a job after all-shows there may be hope for the rest of us.

    -Unemployed and Staying Strong

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  3. I completely agree. It is also about actotnuabilicy, and in our country, this idea is lacked in a major way. I look forward to the innovators who are taking advantage of what’s going on and hope more people jump on the band wagon.

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