Having no job is apparently not as bad as having a really shitty one

miserable at work

I can think of one man who would make the perfect example for this theory.

In today’s somewhat but barely uplifting news, a recent study of over 7000 Australian people showed that a “badly paid, poorly supported, or short term” job can be as bad, if not worse, than being unemployed.

This may seem self-explanatory, but to anyone who’s ever known the feeling of being on your last box of pasta and really struggling to remember what it’s like to wear normal clothes or have conversations with people that aren’t deliveryman, it’s worth a reminder that, like in love, you shouldn’t settle for a job that just isn’t that into you.

The terrible gigs are categorized as ones where people felt “overwhelmed, insecure about their employment, underpaid, and micromanaged,” along with providing little support and reward. Why, that sounds like nothing most of my friends are experiencing…

According to Health.com, all of the above can lead to symptoms of anxiety and depression. Or just more drinking!

“Moving from unemployment to a poor-quality job offered no mental health benefit, and in fact was more detrimental to mental health than remaining unemployed,” says the lead author of the study, Peter Butterworth, Ph.D., a senior research fellow at the Centre for Mental Health Research at the Australian National University, in Canberra.

Of course, most people can’t afford the luxury of not hating their job and all the mental health benefits that follow, making this development only slightly more uplifting than this. But it does make for a GREAT excuse about why you’re still unemployed, which from personal experience, can be a tricky question to answer. “My mental health is a lot more important than some paycheck, Mom. Canned soup is no longer just for poor people!”

Really makes you want to crack open that flask polish up that resume, don’t it?

4 thoughts on “Having no job is apparently not as bad as having a really shitty one

  1. Haha excellent post. If not for the student debt, I suspect lots of people would wait for the right job. The rich elite don’t take the same crappy jobs the rest of us peons do. They also either don’t feel shame living with their parents in a mansion or get subsidized with an apartment paid for by mom and dad.

    People really need to start looking at how the rich act rather than what they tell us and shame us into.

    • “The rich elite don’t..”

      Wait.. I thought Ivy Leaguers were the rich elite? I’m confused..

      • How elite can an Ivy Leaguer be if they’re actually unemployed?

        But it’s generally true an Ivy Leaguer won’t be taking a peon job either. Still I’m thinking trust fund babies and such are what you’d consider rich elite. Some Ivy leaguers got there off of hard work you know.

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