“Getting a child into the Ivy League starts in nursery school”

toddler shapes

Yes, anything that allows me to post nom nom baby photos is catnip for this blog.

Duh. These are the wise words of Nicole Imprescia, who is suing her elite Upper East Side preschool for not adequately preparing her 4-year-old for elementary school exams that obviously are a gateway drug to college admissions.

Better start coming up with some kind of Ponzi scheme to shell out $19K a year so your child can start her private school education — and feeling of rich self-entitlement — at the nimble age of 4.

But even that might not shield you from catastrophic nursery failures, as poor Imprescia learned. Your far superior toddler may be dumped into one playroom with the practically public school-educated 2-and-3-year-olds. Worse, she may be forced to spend her time learning about sophomoric “shapes and colors.” [NYP]

4 thoughts on ““Getting a child into the Ivy League starts in nursery school”

  1. This is the absolute worse side of new york city. i live in manhattan and just had a kid — god help me if i ever enter this fray. i come from a working classs town, went to a basement pre-school and public kindergarten etc. graduated from a highly unremarkable public high school and yet still somehow got an “ivy league” education, for whatever the hell that’s worth. my parents were loving but never pushed me to do a damn thing. imho these are precisely the kids the ivy league can do without. i’d really love to see my school or any “ivy” go 1000% tuition-free and pure-merit based acceptance, no tolerance for “legacy” admissions and a bias ^towards^ public school grads — i’ll open my wallet for that school.

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