Why I Have a Job: the women’s and gender studies major who listens deeply all day


I bet this is how peaceful being employed must be.

Name: Oriana

Major: Women’s and Gender Studies

What I do all day: Listening deeply. Telling stories.

What I would rather be doing all day: I’m doing a year of service through AmeriCORPS so I can figure out the answer to this question.

Where I found this job: After I read about the  3% raise Obama approved for all AmeriCORPS employees, I browsed through the available positions and happened upon the Digital Arts Service Corps. It seemed like a good option for a jaded graduate who invested too much time in media internships.

Why they hired me as opposed to hundreds of other overqualified Ivy league grads: All the Ivy League grads who aren’t employed are holding out for a salaried job.

Best part about being employed: I feel like I’m doing something of value every day.

Worst part about being employed:
There’s nothing bad about being employed, but my AmeriCORPS stipend doesn’t go very far. My biggest reality check has been navigating the bureaucratic nightmare of applying for food stamps.

Heartfelt advice to your jobless friends who may have been freeloading off of you for months: I haven’t looked for a real job yet, so I’m in no position to offer career advice. But so far, my year of service has yielded some valuable experience, and I feel very lucky to be employed.

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