Career advice from Ivanka Trump: “You have to be experimental in your youth”

This is what wealth looks like.

This is what wealth looks like.

On Thursday night, I found myself listening to The Donald’s daughter as she gave a book signing for her authorial debut, The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life. Below, a transcribed nugget of inspiration:

“I spend a lot of time talking about passion and the importance of identifying your passion, because not only is the book focused on me and some of the emotions I had early in my career, but also my peers and my friends who tell me their experiences and the issues that they face in the work environment. A lot of them have an issue whereby they’re in a job they’re not miserable at, but they’re also not particularly happy. And they’re staying in that job for fear of taking a bold career risk for fear of this economic climate and that may be one of the saddest things for my generation about this current recession. Because I really believe that in your youth, you have to be experimental. You have to be bold. And you have to be decisive in terms of leaving jobs and positions that you wouldn’t be able to grow in because now is the time for us to take risks.”

I totally agree. Though it would be a lot easier to risk losing a job if you have, oh I don’t know, a family legacy to survive on?