Why I Have A Job: the poli sci major who still nurses ambitions of helping people

Introducing another weekly column in which I coerce my employed friends into giving job advice.

She looks this cute in person too.

I swear this isn't a dating service.

Name: Lindsey

Major: Political Science and Human Rights

Current City of Residence: Brooklyn (we go hard)

What I do all day: Trying to assist low income clients that are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure by matching them with pro bono attorneys to represent them in court.

What I would rather be doing all day: Actually helping those clients.  The banks place every possible obstacle in the way of a fair resolution –  it makes me want to hide all my money in a mattress.

Resume claim to fame: It never made the cut, but I worked at an ice cream shop for a month one summer.  I fantasized about the job as an 8 year-old and from today’s perspective, it had the best perks of any job so far.

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