Sometimes I write about things that don’t relate to being Ivy Leagued and Unemployed.

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Selected Clips

Saks Fifth Avenue
Rebel Without A Flaw | InstaGlam | The Perfect Stack | Emerging Designers | Rarest of Them All | Into The Woods | From High To Low | On The Horizon | Out of Sports | Nude Awakening | Buckle Up | Nouveau Neutrals | Spotlight’s On YouFashion Fundamentals | Spring Sirens | Little Bright Dress | Ultimate Escape Kit

Fall 2012 Ad Campaign: September Fashion Catalog Cover | Designer Shoe Catalog Cover | Luxe Jewelry Catalog Cover

11 Things You Don’tKnow About Being Pregnant Now

10 Ways to Liven Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Bragging Feels Just as Good as Nookie | This Is Why You’re Attracted To That Jerk, Says Science | Let’s All Think Before Oversharing, Mkay? | A Male Touch Literally Makes You Hot and Bothered | Stress Turns Men Into Sweethearts | Not Sure If He’s Lying? Text Him To Get The Truth | Your Next Date Should Be Over Coffee, Says Science

Rebecca Minkoff on Partying With Her Newborn: “We Got This Look As If We Brought Our Dog”

Matthew Broderick: Twins Are ‘More Self-Sufficient’ 

Think Again: The 10 Worst Times to Make a Decision | 13 Celebrity Style Tips for Spring | The Feeding Tube Wedding Diet | Is Lead in Your Lipstick Making You Sick? | Satisfy Your Cravings, Save Your Diet | Are You Addicted to Makeup? | Looks to Die For | Warning: Being Pretty Could Hurt Your Chances of Landing a Job Interview

8 Cool Ways To Keep Warm, From Your Fave Fashion Icons

Exclusive: Gloria Steinem “Honored” Sarah Jessica Parker Plays Her in Lovelace [original reporting]

New York Magazine
Howard Stern’s Pescetarianism Explained by Beth Stern | Amber Tamblyn’s Dad Approved David Cross’s Salty Author Bio |Jeff Zucker: NBC Not Blocking Leno’s Guests | Cha Cha’s House of Ill Repute | Nuyorican Poets Cafe | Re/Dress | Uncle Charlie’s | Baby Grand | Palace Gate | The Standard Biergarten

The Huffington Post
Smash’s Ellis on Uma Thurman’s Musical Chops: “She’s Actually Very, Very Good”Being Flynn Actor Paul Dano on Girlfriend Zoe Kazan: “We’re Pretty Domestic”The Huntsman Girls: A New Kind of Political Daughter | A Fellow Ukranian on How To Date Newly Single Mila Kunis

Manhattan Magazine
Eye Opener: Macky AltsonStaycation: Cold Comfort | Open-and-Shut Cases | Hot Dog! | A Few of Our Favorite Things: Celebrity Round-Up | 8-Page Celebrity Party Feature (Jan/Feb) | The Dish: Celebrity Round-Up | Celebrity Scene: 6-Page Party Spread (March) | Celebrity Scene: 6-Page Party Spread (April) | Celebrity Scene: On The Town (October)

The Fiscal Times
9 Start-Ups Bringing Made In USA Back To Clothing Foreclosure Fighters: A Neighborhood Back from the Brink

I Love My…I-Can’t-Believe-I’m-Getting-Away-With-This Little Black Dress

AOL News
John Edwards Engagement: 5 Reasons the Rumor Spread So Quickly | Chemical in Women’s Tears Turns Men Off, Study Finds

The Moscow Times
Black Bangs, Piercings Raise Eyebrows in Duma [Feature story, syndicated version] | Nomadic Beauty

Time Out New York
5 Entrepreneurs to Watch3 Ballet Classes To TryYou Asked For It: Disco Nights in NYC | Why I love…The Upper West Side | How to Find a Babysitter on New Year’s Eve in NYC | Most Stylish New York Places

J. Weekly
Russian Revolutions [Cover story]

The Blue and White
Pimp My Faith: Hipster Clergymen [Feature story]

7 Wild Things You Can Learn From Animal Mating10 Surprising Things Your Appearance Says About You10 Signs He Wants to Marry You9 New Dating Rules For Getting The Guy9 Crazy Things Your Period Makes You Do9 Easy Mood BoostersWhy You Crave Fatty Foods When You’re Stressed [Syndicated] | 3 Surprising Culprits of Work Burnout [Syndicated] |The Surprising Workout Moves You’re Already Doing | 9 Things Your Dry Cleaner Won’t Tell You | The Sexiest Newly Single Guys in Hollywood | The Hottest Players to Watch This Super Bowl | How Sarah Jessica Parker Became a Red Carpet Fashion Icon | What Men Secretly Love About Sex And the City | 10 Relationship Resolutions to Make for New Year’s | What Happened to Hollywood’s Hottest It Couple | 9 Surprising Things You Need to Know About Birth Control | 8 Moves That Help Keep Your Body Baby-Ready | 3 Reasons Why You Get Unfriended on Facebook | Guys: Wear This Color If You Want Our Attention

Columbia College Today
Tom Kitt: From The Varsity Show to Broadway [Cover story] | Jonathan Dahl Makes Business Writing Personal [Cover story] | Katori Hall: A Knack For Tasty Wordplay [Feature story] | Kate Berthold: One Funny Voice at a Time [Feature story] | Scrubs’ Robert Maschio Is Nothing Like “The Todd” | James L. Williams’ Olympic Medal Win [Feature story] | David Rakoff ’86 Makes Pessimism Sound Positive | Rachel DeWoskin Defies Genre in Newest Novel | Jared Hecht ’09 Reinvents Mobile Communication | Rachel Nichols: From Math Whiz to Model and Movie Star

Introducing The Bikini That Can Charge Your iPhone | Men’s E-Commerce Is Crowding Up Fast | Finally! A Site That Tells You When to Buy New ElectronicsNew Daily Deal Site for Gay Men, Moms & More | 3 Ways The Internet is Changing How You Eat | New Gap Site Lets You Bargain For Clothes | The Worst Viral Ad You’ve Ever Seen? | Looking For Love? Take Out a Facebook Ad |Would You Buy A $1 Million Dollar Ring From Costco? | Kindle Lets You Rent Textbooks on Your Smartphone

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