The rumors are true: I went and got myself employed!

out of businessYou may have noticed crickets chirping and tumbleweeds rolling by on this eerily quiet blog. And many of you have guessed that the unthinkable happened and I got a job.

Ladies and gents, it’s true. You’re looking at a fully-employed Ivy League grad with benefits yo! It only took two years and a career switch.

If any other unemployed Ivy Leaguers want to take the helm of this little blog that could (and it would be a pity to waste 150K total page views since inception), please get in touch.

Keep on keeping on!

10-year (!) update: Believe it or not, I quit the corporate world I was so thrilled to join a decade ago. I now run my own business as a copywriter and Admissions Essay Guru. If you’re looking for a college essay editor, I help edit student admissions essays, resumes, waitlist letters, and more at

7 thoughts on “The rumors are true: I went and got myself employed!

  1. Ive league grads have two smirks. The one they get when they get accepted and tell their friends they’re attending an ivy, and then the one they get when they realize what a waste of fucking money and time their useless ivy league liberal arts degree truly is.

  2. Maybe it is time now for you to blog about finding a job (changing gears in one’s career). I went back to grad school at Columbia with the hopes of leaving my lame civil engineering career, but…… looks like the only way to continue paying the student loans in to keep my routine discriminaroty engineering job.

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