Hire my friend: the comp lit major who can say unemployed in English and French

Step one in how American kids learn French during study abroad.

Name: Gowri

Major: Comparative Literature, French and English

What I would’ve majored in 4 years ago had I known the economy was going to hell: Pre-med like all the other Indians

Why I decided to waste $160K $200K on an Ivy League education: To earn my ticket into the upper crust intelligentsia

Current City of Residence: Denver

Ideal City of Residence: I like Denver. I love the mountains. Sometimes though, in fits of depression/hopelessness, I want to move to Paris (because everything is better in Europe)

Current job: Working at toll highway

Dream job: Inspirational speaker (this is not meant to be ironic)

Resume claim to fame: A litany of psychology/psychiatry research positions in my delusional pre-med days

Greatest achievement I don’t like to talk about on interviews: Killer BLT