Why you should dump your unemployed friends

couch potato cat

Kitty prefers to job hunt in peace, thankyouverymuch.

Let’s be real: the friends you keep tell you what to do, from what d-list music is now cool to  who you’re allowed to sleep with.  And everyone has some members in their crew who moms don’t approve of. But instead of blacklisting the borderline alcoholics or self-obsessed fame whores, your new frenemies may be the fellow unemployed. Continue reading

Why I Have A Job(s): the phi beta kapa who speaks in tween

cute girls of the ivy league

A wide-mouthed arch is usually the first step in learning how to talk like a 12-year-old.

Name: Katie

Major: English and Comp Lit

What I do all day: Depends on the day; I coach girls’ basketball at a small private school, walk dogs, and tutor.

What I would rather be doing all day: Reading, traveling, basically being a student again.

Where I found this job: I’m trying an experiment where I only apply to things I find on Craigslist this year. So far, I’ve been pretty successful.

Why they hired me as opposed to hundreds of other overqualified Ivy league grads: For these particular jobs, it’s highly likely I was the only overqualified Ivy League grad to apply. Plus, I know the difference between zone defense and man-to-man.

Best part about being employed: Spending most of my days outdoors or in the gym and wearing sweatpants everywhere (actually, pretty much the same thing as being unemployed. . . ).

Worst part about being employed: Most of my conversations happen with dogs or 12-year-old girls — not to draw comparisons.

Heartfelt advice to your jobless friends who may have been freeloading off of you for months: There’s nothing wrong with working something that has absolutely no need for your diploma. This year has been a huge challenge and an even bigger adventure. It’s given me an entirely different perspective on what I want and where I’m headed.

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Dow dropping below 10,000 wreaks psychological havoc

stock market bull

This stock market bull doesn't look so scary anymore, does it? (Symbolically anyway...)

The NYT reports that the dow’s fall to 9,908.39 — its lowest level in three months — has delivered a “psychological setback as investors braced for more market volatility.”

The fall of the “closely watched barometer of the economy’s health” was attributed to fears over Europe’s debt crisis. And now that the holy number of 10K has been disrupted, shit is expected to fly. Continue reading

Ten other benefits of the unemployed life:

I am one fake tan and crotch shot away from being as jobless as this one.

I am one fake tan and crotch shot away from being as jobless as this one.

1) Never having to shower.

2) Or get dressed.

3) Forgetting what a morning alarm sounds like.

4) Or the taste of coffee.

5) Not really comprehending what “morning” means anymore, except on a purely conceptual level.

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