If you thought finding a job in this economy was hard enough

You are competing with this bright star.

You are competing with this bright maverick.

Sarah Palin has joined LinkedIn. Her profile includes her stint as Vice Presidential Candidate – which she held supposedly while being Governor of Alaska.

She has yet to post her Specialties (hunting moose, quitting public service, penning memoirs, ruining presidential campaigns, posting propaganda on Facebook), but something tells us the job market is going to get a heck of a lot tougher.

And yes, her listing of only one college as opposed to the five she attended is a bit dishonest. As is her URL profile name listed as “Governor Sarah Palin.”

But we are dealing with a woman who has gone rogue. Time to update those resumes!


Hire My Friend: the double major who has nightmares about living in Brooklyn

Every week, I bribe my friends to sell themselves on this blog.

She always looks this smart, I swear.

Here, she can be seen scolding the economy.

Name: Sierra
Major: Eh hem, Double Major: English and Russian
What I would’ve majored in 4 years ago had I known the economy was going to hell: Pre-Med, so when I was stuck without health insurance I wouldn’t be so darn scared.
Why I decided to waste $160K on an Ivy League education: I am an epicurean; those four years were the most pleasurable of my life.
Current City of Residence: Brooklyn.  I had a dream in August, before I made the move from Manhattan to the borough, and in this dream I heard a knock at the door.  Before I could answer, a burglar kicked down the door and began chasing me around the apartment.  Honestly, I don’t know how he could chase me around anything because my place is a studio and two steps radially in any direction would have put us into unpleasant contact.  I fought well, grabbed my cell phone, and barricaded myself in the bathroom.  Shaking, I dialed 911 and the operator answered, “911, What is your emergency?”  The burglar was maniacally hacking at the door with a magical ax.  I shouted into the phone, “Help; I’m in Brooklyn!”
Ideal City of Residence: Manhattan
Current job: Director of Press Communications for a NYS Assemblyman.  In theory this job might be cool, but I studied Russian in college and the only Eastern Europeans in my dude’s district are Poles.
Dream job: Book Reader, World Traveler, Music Maker, Good Cook.  Or the Program Assistant for Scholarship Programs at the Open Society Institute.  But hey, I haven’t heard back and already expect the worst.
Resume claim to fame: I just can’t brag right now.  What is the good of an excellent resume when all entry level jobs are going to 30 year olds?
Greatest achievement I don’t like to talk about on interviews: I avoided getting summer jobs after junior and senior year of college by going to Russia on a scholarship from the State Department!
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Why I Have A Job: the poli sci major who still nurses ambitions of helping people

Introducing another weekly column in which I coerce my employed friends into giving job advice.

She looks this cute in person too.

I swear this isn't a dating service.

Name: Lindsey

Major: Political Science and Human Rights

Current City of Residence: Brooklyn (we go hard)

What I do all day: Trying to assist low income clients that are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure by matching them with pro bono attorneys to represent them in court.

What I would rather be doing all day: Actually helping those clients.  The banks place every possible obstacle in the way of a fair resolution –  it makes me want to hide all my money in a mattress.

Resume claim to fame: It never made the cut, but I worked at an ice cream shop for a month one summer.  I fantasized about the job as an 8 year-old and from today’s perspective, it had the best perks of any job so far.

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